First time students

  • Why is it hot?
  • The yoga room is intentionally heated to 40°C to allow :

    • Deeper stretching of the body in a safer environment
    • Flushing the toxins from the body
  • What if I am not flexible?
  • It is a misconception : yoga is for everybody, not just flexible people. Yoga makes you flexible, you will be amazed at what you can achieve through a regular practice !

  • And what if I have never done yoga before?
  • No problem. Bikram Yoga is for everybody, whatever the age or level of fitness.

    It does not matter how well you do the postures, what matters is that you are doing them the correct way. Only if you try the right way, you will get 100% of the benefits.

  • Before coming to class
    • HYDRATE your body : drink before and after the class, at least 1.5 l a day is the recommended average ; consume foods rich in minerals and electrolytes
    • avoid heavy meals 2-3 hours before class
    • ARRIVE ON TIME: The studio opens 30 minutes before the class so plan to arrive  15-20 min ahead — no latecomers , the door is locked when the class starts
    • No shoes past the reception area, flip flops welcome around the studio
    • LISTEN TO YOURSELF: Your first class is a big adventure, a discovery, you goal is to stay in the hot room for 90 minutes and BREATHE normally. Take it easy and at your own pace, sit down if you need a break, drink some water if you need some, come back regularly and keep trying.
    • Classes last 90 minutes
    • No advance booking
  • What to bring
    • Yoga mat
    • 2 towels (one for class one for the shower)
    • 1 bottle of water
    • Light sport tops and bottoms – it’s hot !
    • 1 lock- changing rooms are equipped with lockers (no overnight usage)

    Water can be purchased, towels and mats rented from the studio. The studio also sells mats and locks.

    Out of courtesy for your fellow yogis, please do not use essentials oils, strong perfume or deodorant in the studio.

  • Benefits of Bikram yoga
  • A regular practice will :

    • Provide a full body workout
    • Improve posture and reduce back pain
    • Improve flexibility and strength
    • Supply fresh oxygen to every part of the body
    • Reinforce the immune system
    • Balance the endocrine system
    • Reduce stress and tensions
    • Alleviate chronic pain
    • Improve concentration
    • Relax body and mind
    • Help weight loss (as any cardio vascular exercise)

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